Fear of the Unknown

I just got back from a pool party at my sister’s house. Everyone had a good time except I was on edge for most of it. I have two kids, Danielle who is 9 and Jacob who is 6. And they were having a blast jumping in the pool in the deep end and seeing how far down they could go. Then they would come up and swim to the side, get out and repeat the process again and again and again.

This was incredible given the fact that at the beginning of last year they would only go in with a blow-up devices on their arms and around their stomach. And they would freak if you took them beyond where they could touch.

So what is the difference…

They learned to swim. They took an unknown and turned it into a known. And the fear went away.

“People tend to fear the unknown”

Another example of this fact.

When my wife April and I were on our honeymoon in Jamacia 15 years ago we were seated for dinner one night with a couple (who were also on their honeymoon) from Nebraska. I was trying to break the ice and I asked the gentleman this simple question, “Are you having a good time?” He said that he was, except he felt very uncomfortable. When I asked him why he said that “he was uncomfortable around all the black people”.

Inside my head I thought… didn’t you see the brochure. Most of the people that live in Jamacia are black. Then he went on to explain that in his town their was only one black family. I realized that he felt uncomfortable around all the black people, because he didn’t know much about them.

I felt blessed because living in Canada and near Toronto, we had exposure to many different nationalities and cultures. (heck we had at least 5 different nationalities represented in our wedding party alone).

So how does this apply to your business and increasing sales?

It is important to know that people naturally are afraid of the unknown and that could include your products or services. They may feel uncomfortable taking a risk and buying what you are selling if they don’t know about it. What is does and how it will help them?

By educating them on what your product does and how it can help them, you will relieve the fear that may be the roadblock preventing them from saying, “Yes”.

In a future posting I will share how to better educate your customers by Speaking their Love Language. If you would like a preview check out the Article section of my Website at: http://www.richardelmes.com


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