Automobile University

I am just about ready to go away on vacation for a week and althought the recharge time will be appreciated, there is one aspect of work that I will really miss.

I am currently working with a major client that has its head office an hour away from my home and I have been using that commuting time (4-5 days a week) to read as many books as possible.

You see, I have a passion for reading and my favorite form of reading is by ‘reading’ audio books. I picked up this habit when I was clocking over 60,000 km a year selling Sporting Goods to Schools, because I wanted to make good use of all of the time I spent in the car. I found that I was spending at least 4-5 hours in the car a day.

Now you may not spend that much time in the car… although many sales reps do, but say you commute for 30 minutes each way to work. That would mean that you are in the car for 1 hour a day, 5 hours a week. Most audiobooks are abridged and run anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Even unabridged audiobooks are usually 3-9 hours long.

So for our example, lets say you ‘read’ one 3-hour audiobook a week (in your 5 hours). That is 50 books a year. Can you imagine how much smarter you will be if you read 50 books a year. You will know things that other don’t. (because they are not using their commuting time as wisely as you)

And this new knowledge can make the difference between getting the sale or not, getting the promotion or not and maybe even getting that spouse or not. (The topics that you can ‘read’ are endless)

So use your time wisely and ‘read’ yourself smart by using what my friend and mentor Jim Estill says use the power of while. (do something while you are doing something else) You can check out Jim’s blog on CEO Time-Leadership @


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