In the Shoes of the Customer

Thursday night I attended a CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) Event in Hamilton and a fellow member George Olds who is a customer service expert asked me to preview his latest book titled: In the Shoes of the Customer.

It is a simple yet powerful book that contains timeless relationship building principles.

His Customer Service Communications Model is as follows:

Every customer encounter must:

show you’re aware

Show you care

and show you’re doing your share

In the book he talks about questioning for understanding and listening to the customers.

In the end of the book he has listed what he calles the Customers’ Bill of Rights

The right to eye contact

The right to a smile

The right to a greeting

The right to your name (and the right to have you use mine)

The right to be offered help

The right to your undivided attention

The right to accuracy

The right to a product that does what it’s suppose to do

The right to a fair price for your product or service

The right to thanks for your business

These may seem like common sense to most people, but unfortunately they are not common practise. Now I have just listed them, to find out more visit George’s website and purchase a copy of the book.


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