How to become more effective at Networking Events

In 2005, I completed a Special Report titled: Making Connections, where I talked about the 22 Tips on how to become more effective at Networking Events. Here are the first tip:

1. Determine: Is this the right event for you?

Ask yourself, “What type of prospects will be attending?

What kinds of business’ do they work in?

Are they Small business owners or Corporate Executives?

The key is to look at the event and determine what kind of crowd would be interested in and gain benefit from what is being offered at the event.

Does this crowd fit into your target market or ideal prospect profile. Would this crowd have people like your ideal prospect in their immediate network?

If the answer is no… then you are just wasting your valuable time and money that can be used more effectively attending other events… that your ideal prospect is more likely to attend.

For example, if your target customer is at the C and V levels of large organization, one $250 a plate dinner may produce more results than 10-$25 networking events with small business owners and middle managers.

So, maximize your resources and ask yourself is this the right event for me.