Build attraction by listening aggressively

Have you ever gone on a date or met somone who monopolized the conversation and you would get a word in? If this has happened to you then you know how frustrating this can be.

“We have 2 ears and 1 mouth and we should use them in that proportion.”  – Patricia Heather (my mother-in-law)

Now have you met someone who allowed you to do most of the talking, but they also hung on every word you said and even asked questions to find out more? You probably felt a powerful connection and walked away believing that you just had a fantastic conversation.

You felt that way because when someone listens to us we feel validated. It improves our self-esteem and we feel a connection to the person who helped us feel this way. Not only is listening to your customers a great way to build rapport, but a fantastic way to gather the information that you will need to provide a solution to their challenges.

“You can’t learn anything about your customer’s needs if you do all the talking.” -Richard Elmes 

Customers  will provide the information that you need if you show that you are genuinely interested in learning how you can help them best. Listening aggressively is not only hearing their words, but searching for the meaning behind the words, but listening to their voice inflection, body language and also what they are not saying.

In short, listening leads to understanding and understanding leads to an opportunity to solve your customers problems, and they will definately find that attractive.