How to become more effective at Networking Events – Part 6

Part of the ritual at Networking Events is to exchange contact information by giving and receiving Business Cards.

A couple notes about your Business Cards

  • Make sure you bring plenty of them. Just imagine if you only brought 10 business cards with you and then the person you really wanted to meet, the person who can make your quota for the quarter walks up to you and wants to talk and trade business cards with you. But they are the 11th person you met at the event. Don’t let this happen to you because running out is not an excuse and you wouldn’t want to raise doubt in the mind of your potential customer at one of the most critical times in the relationship, would you?
  • Make sure your cards are clean. Bent corners, coffee stains or someone elses scratched out phone number on the back will not impress anyone. Do you think that conveys professionalism? Remember, your business cards are part of your marketing material. You wouldn’t send out flyers with coffee stains on them.
  • Purchase a classy looking business card holder. This will help prevent the above problem.
  • Make sure your cards convey what you do. One of my pet peeves is when I receive a business card that doesn’t say anything about what the company does. Run your cards through this test: If they run into your ideal customer a couple of days after the event and want to refer you. Would they be able to pick your card out of their stack cards in order to make the connection. 
  • Handle both yours and your prospects business cards as if they were made out of precious gold. Nothing turns off a prospect as much as seeing their business card folded and played with right in front of their eyes. This shows a total lack of respect and doesn’t start the relationship off on the right foot. Carry this point over to other marketing material that they gave you. I once had a 16 page booklet that took me weeks to produce folded in front of my eyes and once I noticed her folding it, I stopped paying attention to what she was saying and quickly ended the conversation. Needless to say, no money was exchanged as a result of that act.

Ignore these traps at your peril, because they could cost you business. And isn’t that the reason for attending the event in the first place.


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