How to become more effective at Networking Events – Part 9

Develop your Audio Business Card

When someone asks you the question, “What do you do?”, this is the time to give them your Audio Business Card.

What’s an Audio Business Card?

An Audio Business Card is your 30-second defining introduction. The purpose of this introduction is to get your prospects attention, make them smile and engage in a conversation with you and encourage them to ask the question, “How do you do that?”

Here is one formula that I have found to be quite effective.

Hi, I’m (your name) from (your organizations name), we specialize in helping (your target market), (state one of the major benefits that your product or service provides), so that (the results after using your product or service).

Here is an example:

Hi, I’m Richard Elmes, The Sales Dating Guy, I specialize in helping sales organizations become sexier to their ideal customers, so they can build better relationships and drive sales.

When the prospect asks, “How do you do that?” you can give a brief summary of the services you provide and then turn the conversation back to them by asking them a question about what they do.

Now why would you want to turn the conversation away from you and on to them?

By turning the focus onto what they do, you will not only be able to determine if you can help this individual or not, but it also prevents you from appearing self-centred, by monopolizing the conversation.

 If the prospect wants to talk further, exchange contact information and set up a meeting in the near future to discuss it. Then excuse yourself and look for someone else to connect with. This will leave them wanting more and it will allow both of you to maximize your valuable networking time.


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