How to become more effective at Networking Events – Part 11

Play the Host

One of the ways to circulate around the room and overcome personal shyness is taking on the role of the host.

  • Introduce other that you know or just met and they will both appreciate it.
  • Always be thinking of what connections you can make.
  • Always be the first to offer your hand.
  • Seek out and include others (Especially the shy “corner people”).
  • Treat everyone with respect, especially if they don’t appear to be a prospect because you never know who is in their personal network that may need what you have to offer.
  • Sit at a table where you don’t know anyone and them play the host in discovering who everyone is and introducing them to everyone else at the table.

By playing the host you are serving others and that is a very attractive trait in a potential business partner.


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