Which is more attractive?

Which do you think is more attractive?


A few years ago I was working on a project with a major Funeral Services company, where I was designing a couple of training programs for their Advanced Planning Professionals.

These are the folks that sell Advanced Funeral Plans.  

Talk about having an ugly service to sell. I took the gig, because I figured that if I can make that sexy, I could make anything sexy.

They were struggling and one of the reasons was that they were focusing on selling features and not benefits.



One of the things I told them to do; was to stop selling caskets and stop selling urns… because folks just don’t want to talk about those things until they absolutely have to. swers to both of these questions is “Yes”.

Instead talk about how there are 67 things they need to do within 24 hours of having a loved one passing away,they don’t know what the list is, and it’s the worst day of their life.

If we could take some of that pain and stress away from their family on that day… is that something you think they would be willing to talk about? Also, since most funerals are payable upon delivery and since the average cost is around $10,000, if they could take away some of that financial stress from their family, again on the worst day of their life, is that something you think they would be willing to talk about.
The an

When you focus on what benefits they will receive and how it will help them personally, that is what makes your products sexy, not the features. Sure you need to features to back up your benefit claims, but you will not sell much when you only tell the features.

Because if they ask them whether their customer wants a wood one or a metal one and then add that when they throw 6 feet of dirt on top of it, the metal one will just dint, but the wood one will break in half. They will have their customers running for the hills, because that conversation is just not attractive.



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