How to become more effective at Networking Events – Part 16

Be Interesting

Imagine attending a networking event where you meet a lot of people. Some are dressed nice, some have interesting offers and some have interesting perspectives, but most of the people you meet quickly fade from your memory. These corportate clones sink into the sea of sameness.

Then you spot her from across the room. She is the one holding court with the crowd around her hanging on her every word.

You ask yourself, “Why are so many people attracted to her?” (remember this is a business blog)

You ask yourself, “What makes her so interesting?”

And more importantly you ask yourself, “How can I become that interesting?”

You think about how knowing those secrets would

help you meet new prospects…

help you make more connections…

and help you generate more business.

After thinking to yourself for a moment you decide that you have to meet her and ask her what her secrets to attracting people are.

After taking a sip of your drink and mustering up some courage, you approach the crowd and the first thing you notice is…

To be continued….


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