The Truth about Leadership

When I first started teaching at a local Community College, I attended a conference for rookie instructors. Dave Stewart the Director of the Continuing Education department said something to us that made a major impact on me as a teacher / trainer / speaker, when he said, “Your job as a teacher is to helpContinue reading “The Truth about Leadership”

The Science of Giving Gifts

 The following tip is from my Guide titled: The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands.  When you read it think how this psychology may come into play when you are giving gifts to your customers. The Science of Giving Gifts  Giving your wife a gift is a great way to show your love, but if youContinue reading “The Science of Giving Gifts”

The Secret of how I became “The Sales Dating Guy”

I recently explained why I am called The Sales Dating guy in an answer to the following question on LinkedIN: Business analogies. Do you use them? Here is my answer: Analogies are a great way to make complex material more digestible for your audience. For instance, I use the analogy that Selling is like DatingContinue reading “The Secret of how I became “The Sales Dating Guy””

Does Self Motivation Exist? Or is it just another HR Term?

This question was posted on LindedIN. A fellow poster, Arie Versluis gave this answer: “The only kind of motivation which exists is self-motivation. Ask yourself if you can motivate a person and the honest answer will be no. The only thing you can do is create conditions in which a person has an option toContinue reading “Does Self Motivation Exist? Or is it just another HR Term?”

Personal trust in business – Have we lost the ability to trust one another?

Here is my reponse to this LinkedIn question posted by David G. I don’t believe we have totally lost the ability to trust one another.  I do believe however, that trust is earned.  Whether we trust one another depends on many different factors: Our History: If we have been burned in the past we willContinue reading “Personal trust in business – Have we lost the ability to trust one another?”