The Truth about Leadership

When I first started teaching at a local Community College, I attended a conference for rookie instructors.

Dave Stewart the Director of the Continuing Education department said something to us that made a major impact on me as a teacher / trainer / speaker, when he said,

“Your job as a teacher is to help your students learn. Period! The rest is just details.”

I have never forgotten that truth that he shared with me that day.

And when you get to thinking about how to lead others, especially sales reps.

Remember your job as a leader is to help your employees succeed. Period! The rest is just details. 

Because I believe that when you pay someone to do a job, you rent their hands.

When you give them interesting work you may engage their heads.

But it is only when you connect with them personally and they know that you are on their side and you are there to help them succeed, that is when they will throw their heart in their work.

And that is when the magic happens.

And that’s when they will perform, beyond your expectations.


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