Lessons learned from Canada Day Celebrations and how they can impact your next presentation

Their was a hush through the crowd as they waited in anticipation. They moment they waited for has finally arrived. 

My family has a tradition every Canada Day (July 1st). Our local Rotary Club puts on a big show at Riverside Park (in Guelph, Ontario, Canada) that seems to attract the entire city. They do a fantastic job or organizing many events during the day. Events from pony rides and ring toss, from train rides (on the miniture train that goes around the park) to the midway. They arrange for the food vendors to be there (including Tim Hortons) and even a petting zoo for the kids (of all ages).

But the one thing which is the big draw of the day, the one thing that is the highlight of the day is always the fireworks display. This is usually the last event of the evening (that people stay for anyway) and the thing that people remember the most.

If you want to see part of last years fireworks display click here:

And you know this is the same principle that holds true in your presentation. The most important part, the part that your audience is going to walk away with and remember the most is your finale.

Ending your speech with a big bang will make more of a positive impact on how your audience feels about the experience than if your ending just fizzles out.

In my next post I will outline a few key strategies for ending your speech with a bang that will have them talking about you and your presentation well into the future.


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