How to maximize the effectiveness of your daily commute or drive time

Carl Melville who is the Chief Communicator at Enact Marketing asked the following question on LinkedIn:

How do you maximize the effectiveness of your daily commute or drive time?

Here was my response:

Hi Carl,

How do I maximize the effectiveness of my daily commute?

1. Reading: I listen to audio-books (I am an audio-book junkie). This allows me to utilize what my friend Jim Estill calls The Power of While, which means doing one thing while you are doing something else. This is the main reason I can read over 110 business books a year.

2. Creative thinking: I always carry a notebook with me and I find that my most productive creative thinking time is while I am listening to an audio-book in my car. I just jot down a few messy notes or create a rough mind map and re-write it later when I am not driving.

3. Exercising: I have created a mini work out that I can do while driving.
This work-out includes:

  • Stomach crunches (just suck in your gut using your stomach muscles),
  • Butt squeezes (squeeze your butt cheeks together and release),
  • Arm Curls (make a fist and tighten your muscles to add tension) (be careful not do do this while you are slowly passing someone or stopped beside another car, otherwise they may think you are flipping them off),
  • Arm cross overs ( touch your left shoulder with your right hand, while holding the steering wheel with your left hand and then the next sequence touch your right shoulder with your left hand, while you hold onto the steering wheel with your right hand).
    Doing these in groups of 100 will not only allow you to make good use of your drive time, but it will also get your juices flowing for the rest of the day.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to maximize your drive time.

Making a difference,

Richard Elmes CSP, The Sales Dating Guy


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