How to always win in Sales

In my business I occasionally get the opportunity to conduct a “Ride-along” with a Sales Representative. Meaning I ride along for the day to observe and coach that individual in the field.

This is a powerful tool for teaching, “in-the-moment”.  As an observer I have the opportunity to watch, listen and feel what the rep is going through as they visit their customers.

One of the tips that I give to many reps that are visiting the same customers on a regular basis (route sales) is to make sure they are always winning.

I catogorize the wins into different levels.

The ultimate win is to secure some business.

However, a Sales Professional can still make each call a productive one by walking out of the call with at least some information that will help them build the relationship, determine needs or effectively present their solutions. I call these small wins, because there are constantly moving the sales process along. And moving it closer to the ultimate win.

Because you can’t close every deal, but you can make sure you move the process along and win on every call.


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