Why most Companies have it all Wrong

You have seen it in the movies and the same scene is played out in companies all over the world. You know the one that I am talking about. The scene where some Sales Manager is screaming at their Sales Rep, saying something like;

“I need that report on their desk before they get in the next morning and they don’t care if you have to stay all night to finish it.” or,

“You need to get out there and pound the pavement and don’t come back until you have an order in your hand.”

I often shake my head and wonder if these managers realize that they don’t have a clue.

They don’t realize that by putting too much pressure on their Sales Rep they will hinder their performance.

They don’t realize that they are negatively effecting their own earning potential.

And they also don’t realize that the real boss in any organization is its customers.

“The closer you are to those customers the more important you are to the organization.” – Richard Elmes

Sales professionals and Customer Service reps are the ones that are out connecting with prospects and bringing in the business that, in reality, is paying the bills for everyone else in the organization.

Which makes me wonder, why are so many people in organizations running around, trying to please their bosses (supervisors) when they should be trying to please the real boss (their customers).

Good leaders realize that everyone job in the organization is to support the people who connect with the customers. 

And great leaders realize that in order to maximize the effectiveness of their frontline staff their job is to remove the barriers that prevent them from doing their job.

In essence, close the Sales Prevention department in their organization.  You know the department that effects everyone, but doesn’t make it onto the org chart.

And speaking of the organization chart, great companies should flip them around and include the real boss (the customer on the top) and the person who supports the most people (the CEO) on the bottom.

Or how about enlarging a copy of a paycheque that is signed “The Customer” and displaying it where everyone can see it.

What kind of message do you think these suggestions would send throughout your organization? (Try them for yourself)

I believe it would send the message that the customer is king/queen and we are all in the business of serving him/her (And not some self-important manager).


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