How to get more brain-power out of your people

It didn’t take much effort on her part, but it meant the world to me.

I was recently in a brainstorming meeting where I presented several original ideas.

After the meeting was over, the director of the meeting sent everyone an email outlining the key points in the meeting and what our next steps would be.

Also in this email she included two words that most managers would consiously or unconsiously leave out.

Those words were “thanks Richard”.

Although it may not seem like much, that little acknowledgement will produce big results.

In those two words she not only told me that she appreciated my ideas, but also told me that I would be recognized and rewarded for giving those ideas.

“What get recognized and rewarded, gets repeated.”

And now that I know that my she is not going to steal my ideas and pass them off as her own, (Like someĀ people would in order to make themselves look good in front of others) I will feel more comfortable and willing to share other great ideas in the future.

All from two simple words.

Who said leading people was difficult.

And one final thing, “Thanks Deborah” for the great example of effective leadership.


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