From the eyes of the Gatekeeper: Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Meetings

Many years ago I asked a savvy executive Assistant to the President of a local company , Pam Hughes speak to one of my Sales Training classes.

My purpose of inviting her was to give the sales professionals in my class the opportunity to hear what it is like from the other side of the desk. What the sales experience was like from the eyes of the gatekeeper.

What follows are a list of actions (Do’s) that she recommended that sales professional take:

  1. Look polished and act professional
  2. Be polite and warm
  3. Use proper English (or whatever language your customer speaks)
  4. Be brief – everyone is busy
  5. Realize that the person you are meeting with is giving you some of his/her valuable time
  6. Be organized and concise
  7. Be able to say what you want within 20 minutes
  8. Know how your product will be the perfect fit for the company and save money; therefore, it is important to know some of the history of the company you are visiting.
  9. If you promise to send the customer additional information – make sure you do it ASAP.
  10. Follow-up on all sales calls

Great advice!

In my next blog I will share with you the things on her Don’t list.


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