From the eyes of the Gatekeeper: What not to do during a Sales Meeting

Many years ago I asked Pam Hughes, a savvy executive Assistant to the President of a local company , to speak to one of my Sales Training classes.

My purpose of inviting her was to give the sales professionals in my class the opportunity to hear what it is like from the other side of the desk. What the sales experience was like from the eyes of the gatekeeper.

What follows are a list of things she doesn’t recommend that a Sales person do:

1. Don’t waste the receptionist’s time by schmoozing and beating around the bush – get to the point

2. “No” means no – there are times that you will be unable to meet with someone when you want. When someone says “no”, ask if you could call again and ask for an appropriate time frame.

3. Don’t be offended if they say they are not interested in your product of service – because someone else will.

4. Don’t have an attitude if you don’t get your way. You are representing the company that you are working for and want to leave a professional impression on the people that you are speaking with.

More great advice, thanks Pam!


One thought on “From the eyes of the Gatekeeper: What not to do during a Sales Meeting

  1. So true Richard!

    I’ve come to realize that the important thing really is asking when to call again and following through. When you ask for a convenient time to call, you will usually have a time without distractions and be more successful.

    I have an account that I’ve been working on for a few months. I know I can offer the best service and make their lives easier but the summer is not the right time to address their needs. I won’t have time where my contact can sitdown and really look at what I have to offer and how it will help make his day less stressful. My contact let me know that because I wasn’t pushy I’ve left a very good impression and he does believe that I have his best interest in mind.

    There are always other opportunities and a, “no” now doesn’t mean it will always be a no if you can provide the value your customer is looking for. Some of my best customers said, “no”.


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