Who are your competitors? Really!

I found myself smiling when I got off the phone.

Today, I was booking a trip from Toronto to Ottawa and in the process I had two different conversations.

The first one was with the clerk at the hotel I plan on staying at. The second was with the airline.

Now at first glance, these two companies don’t appear to be competitors. On the surface they may seem like two complementary companies, because just like me, many of their customers will be purchasing both of their services.

However, on this day they were competitors.


Because when your customers talk with your company, they don’t just compare your level of service with other companies in your industry. They compare your company with every other company or service provider they work with in their recent memory.

On many days, the level of service that I received on my call with the hotel would have been viewed as being good. However, today they paled in comparison to the level of service and energy that I received from the airline who shall remain WestJet. http://www.westjet.com/

The WestJet clerk was not only effecient at what she did, but she was effective in how she performed her duties.

And that is why I was smiling when I got off the phone.


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