The Tradition of Champions: The Common thing that all Champions do

He fell to his knees and looked heaven-ward as his teammates sprinted out to congratulate each other in a heap of baseball players that resembled little kids. And in some ways they were little kids.

Little kids that are blessed with the talent to play a game at such high levels that they receive millions of dollars for it.

Who am I talking about?

I am talking about the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club right after their ace closer Brad Lidge struck out the Tampa Bay Rays, Eric Henske for the final out to win their 2nd World Series, and first since 1983.

Both teams played their hearts out and in the locker room celebrations amonst all the traditions which includes lifting the trophy over their heads, putting on the special commemerative gear (T-shirt and Hat) and showering each other with champaigne their is another tradition that almost each and every player cherishes.

The tradition that I am talking about is having the opportunity to thank some of the people (whether it be parents or a little league coach) that helped them get to where they are today. And to be able to do it on National TV with millions of people watching makes the moment even sweeter.

Because nobody, not one player got to where they were today all by themselves. They all had teachers or coaches or friends and family that taught them the game, encouraged them to compete and celebrated their victories (and defeats) with them.

This is true in other endevours, not just sports. In business, mentors can help leaders move to the top of their profession. In families, parents and friends can mentor young boys to become men and young girls to grow up to be mature ladies.

And when you get to the top of your game, remember the tradition of champions and thank those who helped you get there.

Because it is easy for us to say we did it all on our own, but it takes a true champion to share the glory with those who helped them along the way.


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