The Key Component in Relationships

The key component when you are working with people, either in a leadership position, business or personal relationship is trust.

Distrust breads resistance.

Trust breads willingness.

Think of the best relationships you have and I would bet that they are solid because the level of trust between you is high.

Then think of those relationships that frustrate you. My bet would be that they are difficult, because the trust level is low to non-existant.

If you want people to work for you and not just do what they are told – work at building their trust in you.

If you want to increase your sales – work on building trusting relationships with your customers.

If you want your personal relationships to grow – work on building the trust between you and that person.

So this begs the question, how do you build trust between two people?

Visit my next post, to learn some tips that will help you do just that.

Published by Richard Elmes

Hi, I’m Richard Elmes, The Sales Dating Guy, and I can help you and your sales organization discover those ways by delivering thought provoking keynote presentations, facilitating interactive training and conducting career enhancing coaching. In short I help Sales organizations and professionals build better relationships with their customers, so they can sell more stuff. I am Certified Sales Professional with over 19 years of Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training success. This experience along with the 100+ books that I study every year have allowed me to discover some secrets that can help you position yourself for success. If you (or someone you know) want to attract more of the right customers, and increase the return on your prospecting time, lets connect. To learn more email me @

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