The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands – Habit #5: Use the Right Currencies

There are many different ways that you can show your wife that you love her.

In his book “The Five Love Languages” ( a book that I think should be required reading for any couple) author Dr. Gary Chapman describes 5 different currencies (or ways) people give and receive love.

They are:

Words of Affirmation, telling her how much you appreciate her

Acts of Service, doing things to help her out.

Spending Quality Time together as a couple.

Physical Touch and not just in the bedroom.

And Giving and Receiving Gifts. (More about this in Habit #10)

We naturally tend to show love in the ways that we best receive it.

But we all know that Men and Women are different.

And many husbands have been frustrated because they feel that they’re showing their wife that they love them (by making a lot of “deposits” in their love account) but their wife only feel a fraction of it because they are not using the right currency. For instance, he buys her gifts when she would rather they spend more quality time together.

The key is to discover which currencies your wife finds the most valuable and show love to her in those ways. (To discover your favorite currency or Love Language take Dr. Chapman’s 30 second assessment: )

So remember Habit #5 and Use the Right Currencies.

Check back next time to discover how to avoid making matters worse when your spouse is telling you about a problem that is frustrating her. That’s Habit #6, which you will discover next time.


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