The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands – Habit #7: Manage Her Expectations… Daily

One of the things you need to know about your wife is that she is going to worry.

How do I know? All wives worry!

They worry about many different things… work, finances, and especially their families.

One of the ways an effective husband can relieve some of this stress is by managing his wife’s expectations on a daily basis.

You see, we all make judgements based on the information that is before us. And if we don’t have all of the information, our imaginations have a habit of making up the rest.

For example, say your job took a little longer to complete than you thought or maybe you ran into construction on the highway, and you find yourself running a little late.

As a guy, you may not think anything of it.

Annoying, yes… but really no big deal.

Meanwhile, at home, your wife may be totally freaking out. 

All she knows is that she expected you home 45 minutes ago, you’re not there, dinner’s ready, and she doesn’t know what happened to you. For all she knows, you’re half-dead in a ditch somewhere.

Sure, you can wait until she calls to see if you’re all right. But do you really want her feeling foolish for making that call? Especially when it can easily be avoided?

All you have to do is be pro-active… call her first and tell her you’re going to be late. This way you manage her expectation, eliminate all of that stress, and avoid a cold dinner.

So, remember Habit #7 and Manage Her Expectations… daily

O.K. we have covered the 7 Habits, but remember I said there were 7+ Habits. In fact there are 12 Habits in all. So check back next time to check out a way that will save you a lot of effort. I will cover that in Habit #8.


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