Fred’s Fearful Encounter

Sometimes things don’t appear as they really are…..

A friend of mine recently moved, into a new apartment, after living in the same house for 18 years. If you have ever moved can empathise with me when I say that, this can be a pretty traumatic experience for anyone, but it was especially traumatic for, her companion, an 8 year old little sandy brown coloured house cat, named “Fred”.

You see Fred grew up in that house, in fact it was the only home he ever knew. So you couldn’t really call him a “worldly” cat.

And you couldn’t blame Fred when he became a little concerned when he noticed all of his family’s things were slowly disappearing and being replaced by boxes. Now Fred got even more concerned, when they carried him into the car for a drive, because that usually meant a trip to the vet.

But it wasn’t until his owner carried him into the lobby of their new apartment building that the real trouble started.

Check out the next post to find out what trouble…


One thought on “Fred’s Fearful Encounter

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