Patience is a Virtue… Especially when Christmas Shopping

To all those shoppers who are rushing out to the stores to finish their shopping, scrambling to find an empty parking spot and then fighting the crowds to pick up the perfect gift and then waiting in long checkout lines to make your purchases.

Here are some keys to getting through the week-before Christmas shopping experience alive and with your dignity intact.

Preperation: Spend sometime before hand making a wish list of gifts you are looking for. If you go into the mall without a list, waiting for inspiration to hit you… it may never come. And you and the recipient of the gift may be disappointed.

Parking: Immediately, drive to the far reaches of the parking lot, park your car and walk. In many cases this will actually save you time and frustration. Instead of the endless driving that many shoppers do in trying to find the empty spot up close.

Patience: “Patience is something you admire in the drive behind you, but not in the one ahead.” -Bill McGlashen

Remember that most of the people at the Mall this week will be in the same boat. They are feeling the stress and frustration levels are heightened. This has been the cause of many embarrasing disputes between total strangers.

Politeness: You have the ability to affect the store clerks and your fellow shoppers in a positive way by remaining polite and courteous. That attitude and behaviour can help make it a better experience for all.

Happy Holidays


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