Motivational Quote: Building Confidence

“A leader is a dealer of hope.” – Napoleon Bonaparte (Military and Political Leader of France)

How to Become Preferred

You could feel the exitement in my house this morning.

First day of school and everyone is ready to go. That was until I turned the ignition key on my car and it just went “click, click, click”. I tried it again and got the same results. After trying it a third time, I realized that something was wrong with my car.

After my daughter jumped out of the car and hi-tailed it on foot to school. I went back in the house and called my mechanic. (Brad Busch @ Double B Automotive, in Guelph (519-767-3252).


Brad from Double B Automotive, 324 Speedvale Ave. E, Guelph, ON

“A good mechanic will sell me new parts while a great mechanic will fix my car.”

-Richard Elmes

That is exactly why Brad is the first person I call when something goes wrong with with one of our vehicles.

Are you the first person your customers call when they have a problem you can fix?

If not why?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself a few key questions.

How are you serving your customers? Are you selling them your products and services or are you fixing their problems?

Because the difference is huge.

Selling products and services is about what YOU get out of the sales interaction. Solving problems is what THEY get out of the sale.

Guess who you customer cares about more? (Here is a hint… it ain’t you.)

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If you want to get your car fixed call Brad.

Question: Guess how much the repair cost?

Answer: It didn’t matter Brad fixed my car (Battery problem) and  I didn ‘t question the bill because I knew Brad was not going to rip me off, by selling me more than I needed.

When a service provider builds trust within the mind of their customer, price objections simply disappear. And when price no longer becomes an issue, selling becomes a whole lot easier.

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