About Richard Elmes

Richard Elmes is a Customer Focused Leader with over 27 years of success training and leading teams to reduce their customer’s stress and build more profitable business.

To contact Richard about helping your team:

Email: richard.elmes7@gmail.com

Phone: 226-820-4515


5 thoughts on “About Richard Elmes

  1. Hi Richard – so true… I recently had an interaction with a sales rep whose approach was simply to agree with everything we said. “Me too… Yup, I think so too.” But when it came to being able to explain the benefits (or even the features) of the product we were looking at, he failed miserably. No sale there either. I wonder, if in one of your future blogs, you could comment on the need for exceptional customer service, and making a great first impression on new customers?



  2. Richard,

    We at Sales Benchmark Index have been following your The Sales Dating Guy blog.

    We would like to offer some content your readers might enjoy – a ‘movie trailer’ for the book Topgrading for Sales, which is going to be released on June 16. To view it, please visit http://www.topgradingforsales.com. Feel free to post a link to it or, if you want to host it locally, we can send you the rich media file.

    Thanks in advance for considering the piece. Let us know if we can return the favor.

    John Drapeau

    P.S. A portion of the profits generated from the book will be donated to Sales and Marketing Executives International, otherwise known as SMEI. You can learn more about them at http://www.smei.org.


  3. Richard I think you are on to something!

    I’m going to add your blog on my list of blogs on http://www.waterdamagemarketing.com . It is a list of training sales web sites, sales blogs, sales podcasts, etc. The concept is for sales professionals to find any web site dealing with sales and marketing.

    Richard nothing is sold or offered! Just information for sales and marketing folks.

    Richard thank you!!!


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