Motivational Quote: Power of Results

“Nothing motivates like results.” – Dr. Robert Lewis, Creator of Men’s Fraternity

Why you should always vote

My head hit the pillow but I still couldn’t sleep. My body was so exausted, but my mind was racing. I had just logging 16 1/2 hours for Elections Canada, working as a Central Poll Supervisor (running 2┬álarge polls and leading 7 others) for┬áthe Canadian Federal Election at the University of Guelph, but yet IContinue reading “Why you should always vote”

Another reason why Cold Calling is getting less effective in Canada

This was posted on today on CBC news today. Telemarketers face ‘do-not-call’ axe on Sept. 30 Canadians will be able to give telemarketers the slip as of Sept. 30 when the national do-not-call-list officially begins operating. 30/07/2008 12:30:52 PM CBC News Under the new rules, announced Wednesday by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, telemarketersContinue reading “Another reason why Cold Calling is getting less effective in Canada”