Motivational Quote: Credibility

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Zig Ziglar

When giving a Presentation, what is the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience?

In a recent LinkedIn post Ritzya Mitchell, The “Drama” queen at asked:

When giving a Presentation, what is the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience?

Here is my response:


Hi Ritzya,

I believe the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience is focusing on you rather than the audience.

Focusing on what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, and how you are going to look as a result of saying it, rather than what impact your message will have on your audience.

When I stopped worrying about me and started focusing on my audience, I found that I could relax more and then really connect with my audience.

The next biggest obstacle is not making enough meaningful eye contact with your audience members. And by meaningful eye contact, I am talking about looking at and talking directly to one audience member for a sentence or two and then moving on to another audience member. Not the quick side to side scan (that makes your head look like a typewriter) or the looking over people’s heads.

Look people in the eye and care about how your gift (message) is going to impact them and you will have no trouble connecting with your audience.

I hope this helps.

Making a difference,
Richard Elmes CSP
The Sales Dating Guy

The number one characteristic of a great sales leader

The following question was recently posed on LindedIn by  Jaime Davis-Thomas,  Director of Research & Publications at EcSELL Institute

What are the characteristics of a great sales leader?

Here was my answer:

Hi Jaime,

The number one characteristic of a great sales leader is that they care.

They care about helping solve their customer’s problems,
They care about building their business,
They care about supporting their family
and they care about doing it the right way.

Making a difference,

Richard Elmes CSP
The Sales Dating Guy

What are the 3 keys to great sales training?

I had a potential clients ask me today, what are the top 3 features I bring to the table as a trainer.

Here was my response:

The 3 key features of my work as a Sales Trainer include:

Content: The sales concepts that I teach are based on sound research (from extensive study) and personal experience (from my 21 years in business, in many different industries).
“Obviously your students have learned a great deal about selling in your class”  – Frank Mensink, Dean, School of Business, Conestoga College
Creativity: I deliver those sound concepts in creative and ways that aid in retention. We have a lot of fun, because I believe that when people have fun and laugh, they open the door to learning.
“Richard’s passion, creativity & practical, down-to-earth approaches allow him to effectively relate with his audiences.” -Mark Henderson, CEO, Barrie Hydro
Caring: I genuinely care about my audience’s success and whether they grasp and use the concepts that I teach. This is the fuel that drives me.  
“He demonstrated highly developed sales and communication skills and was very adept at transferring the skills to me. Richard makes it easy to work with him and is very approachable.”  -Lisa Ranson, Territory Sales Representative, Maxill Inc.
I believe if you are going to really connect with your audience all three of those components need to be present.
Missing any one of them will lead to less than optimal performance.