Challenging Times make you Stronger

This quote is dedicated to the good folks that worked at The Guelph Mercury, one of my local newspapers, that is stopping production on Friday January 29th, 2016. Especially Tony Saxon, one of my favorite reporters that was the beat writer who covered the Guelph Storm OHL hockey club. Thanks Tony. “Good Timber does notContinue reading “Challenging Times make you Stronger”

Motivational Quote: The Value of Challenge

“Challenge is one of the greatest human motivators.” -Jim Harris, Speaker/Author

Motivational Quote: Perspective in the middle of a challenge

This has been a rough day!!! Today¬†I heard about a relative who was recently diagnose with Colin Cancer, two friends whose marriages are breaking down, a friend whose husband tried to commit suicide, a friend whose mother-in-law passed away. So this quote is dedicated to all of them. “The place which may seem like anContinue reading “Motivational Quote: Perspective in the middle of a challenge”

The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands – Habit #12: Cherish Every Moment

Effective husbands cherish every moment of their marriage. Not just the good times (that’s the easy part), but the challenging times as well. And I know that it won’t seem like it at the time, but those challenging times are really a gift. They’re a gift because those times are what will mold you intoContinue reading “The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands – Habit #12: Cherish Every Moment”

The High Cost of Waiting

I just sat there stunned. The phone call had ended a minute ago, but I was still¬†holding the phone. I was stunned, because my brother-in-law just told me that my Mom was being rushed to the hospital and they believe she may be having a stroke. Apparently, she was watching TV last night andContinue reading “The High Cost of Waiting”