How to stand out from the Crowd

The longer I live the longer I come to this conclusion on how you can stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether in your business or personal life.


And it amazes me how simple this concept is.

It is something that everyone can do.

It is something that doesn’t add anything to your expenses.

It isn’t even something that requires a ton of intelligence.

But yet, the number of people who are doing it is surprisingly low.

So what is it?

Do what you say you are going to do when you said you were going to do it!!!

Sounds like an easy concept to grasp. But it is not often practiced.

Think of it this way, when someone promises to do something and fails to follow through on that promise we get frustrated.

Why is this?

I believe Paster Dave Ralph (Lakeside Church) said it best when he said,

“Frustration happens when we have a gap between expectations and reality.”

Let me explain; When you promise to do something, you set an expectation in the other person’s mind (whether it is your prospect, your customer, your spouse, your kids, your boss or even yourself).

When you don’t live up to that promise and come up short, you have let that person down. They will trust you a little less and you have damaged the relationship.

But when you live up to your promise, you built that trust and enhance your relationship.

“When you exceed your customers expectations your customer will be delighted.”

– Jim Clemmer, Author, Speaker, Leadership Guru

The reason for this is that they can now count on you and when they can count on you, you become less of a risk. The cool thing is that most of the time you get to choose.

Choose wisely and stand out from the crowd, enhance your relationships and increase your sales.

How to be a Winner…guaranteed!

This weekend is the big championship weekend for many of the baseball teams in my home town.

So, all the hard work they put in during practices, all the skills and lessons they learned during the regular season all come down to the performance this weekend. And especially today, Championship day.

But I encourage all the competitors, coaches and fans to remember one more lesson.

That lesson is one that may be remembered more and have a bigger impact than most.

More than how to hit a curve ball, more than  how to turn a double play, and more than stealing a base.

This lesson is one that if it is not heeded, it can suck the fun out of and steal the joy out of the game.

The lesson is, that no matter what the final score ends up being is it vital to act with class.


If a player on the other team makes a great play on a ball you hit. Don’t get mad. Instead tip your cap.

If, in your opinion an umpire misses a call, don’t run out screaming like a mad man. Instead ask questions respectfully and accept their decision.

And if the score is not in your favour at the end of the game, shake hands and wish the other team well in the future games.




But just as important is to WIN with CLASS.

When you respect your teammates, your coaches, your opponents and the officials, you are winning with class.

When you refrain from trash talking and putting others down, you win with class.

And when you avoid running up the score or taking the extra base  late in a game where you have a huge lead, you are winning with class.

The key fact is this. A couple years down the road most people won’t remember the score of the game.
What they will remember is the friends they meet and the lessons they learn.

And if the lesson you demonstrate is to WIN with CLASS, LOSE with CLASS, then regardless of the score of the game, you will be a winner…guaranteed!


How to stand out from the crowd

The longer I live the longer I come to this conclusion on how you can stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Whether in your business or personal life.

And it amazes me how simple this concept is.

It is something that everyone can do.

It is something that doesn’t add anything to your expenses.

It isn’t even something that requires a ton of intelligence.

But yet, the number of people who are doing it is suprisingly low.

So what is it?

Check out my next post to find out.

Who are your competitors? Really!

I found myself smiling when I got off the phone.

Today, I was booking a trip from Toronto to Ottawa and in the process I had two different conversations.

The first one was with the clerk at the hotel I plan on staying at. The second was with the airline.

Now at first glance, these two companies don’t appear to be competitors. On the surface they may seem like two complementary companies, because just like me, many of their customers will be purchasing both of their services.

However, on this day they were competitors.


Because when your customers talk with your company, they don’t just compare your level of service with other companies in your industry. They compare your company with every other company or service provider they work with in their recent memory.

On many days, the level of service that I received on my call with the hotel would have been viewed as being good. However, today they paled in comparison to the level of service and energy that I received from the airline who shall remain WestJet.

The WestJet clerk was not only effecient at what she did, but she was effective in how she performed her duties.

And that is why I was smiling when I got off the phone.

Valuing the “Golden Moments” in our life

You could tell that she was fighting back the tears.

No, they were not tears of sadness.

No, they were not tears of shame.

But instead they were tears of joy and tears of relief.

Years of training, years of practice and years of competitions led to this moment.

This was her moment to shine.

This was the moment that Shawn Johnson, the 16 yr. old gymnast from the United States of America had dreamed about for years.

This was the moment when Shawn Johnson, the Olympic Gold Medalist in the (2008 Beijing Summer Olympics) Women’s Gymnastics Beam Event heard her national anthem being played because of her accomplishment.

Can you imagine what it would be like, if that was you?

Can you imagine how proud you would be?

Proud of the effort, proud of the accomplishment and proud of the commitment that you put into having this experience. 

I can only imagine how much I would value the experience.

“We place value on things in the same proportion as it took to acquire it.” -Richard Elmes

And I am sure that Shawn will cherish that moment for the rest of her life.

This makes me think about whether I cherish the “Golden Moments” in my life.

The “Golden Moment” when I make the big sale, the “Golden Moment” when I make the big presentation or the “Golden Moment” where I can influence others in a leadership role.

Do you cherish those “Golden Moments” in your life?

Not only when we achieve success at work, but when we achieve a success with our spouse or kids.

I think this is a lesson that most people tend to fall short of. So next time you experience a “Golden Moment” remember all the hard work that it took to get to that point. And then be like Shawn Johnson and be proud of your accomplishment. Because you deserve it.

How to become more Attractive to Your Customers

At first glance, being consistent may not sound like something that would help make you sexier to your ideal customers, but it counts more that we often realize.

On the other hand, if you want to drive your customer crazy and lose their business in the process than just follow the following formula:

Go to the ends of the earth to satisfy your customers needs one day and then totally ignore them the next.

This lack of consistency if extreemly frustrating to your customers who are counting on you to come through for them. They have production schedules and delivery deadlines to meet, and if they can’t count on you to deliver on their expectations, you will lose the trust you built up in the sales process. In turn they will seek out a more consistent, more sensible solution provider.

“Consistency = Trust and Trust = $$$” – Richard Elmes

When you consistently come through for them the level of trust in the relationship rises. And when the level of trust is increased, your customer will resist jumping ship to another competitor. Even when their offer appears more attractive on the service.


Because your customers will ask themselves the follow question, “Can I count on the new suppliers ability to come through for me and deliver on their promises, or will they let me down in my time of need?”

And the answer is “I don’t know.” That  fear of being let down is not very attractive to people who stand to lose a lot if that happens.

Some of the keys to bringing more consistency to your relationship is to:

  • Walk your Talk: Simply do what you say you will and deliver on your promises.
  • Don’t over Sell: Make sure your marketing materials and sales presentation are not over-promising on what you can deliver. Because if you over-promise and under-deliver, then you will have a frustrated (former) customer to deal with
  • Set realistic delivery times: Setting unrealistic delivery times is a recipe for failure.
  • Be congruent: Make sure your appearance and what you say are consistent with your message and with your customers. (ie. Don’t wear the 3-piece suit if you are selling to farmers

So, remember that if you are Consistent with your Customers than they will find that sexy and they will be more likely to be consistant (in placing orders) with you.