Motivational Quote: Value of Encouragement

“Encouragement is Oxygen to the Soul.” – Author George Matthew Adams

Motivational Quote: Hope

“Without hope there is nothing.” – Bob Gibson, Hall of Fame Pitcher

How to make your New Years Resolutions stick

Many of us who are looking forward to the future have made New Years resolutions. You know those grand plans that we come up with, that if we follow-through, will make our life more fulfilling. Unfortunately, they are also the same plans that are usually forgotten by the 3rd week of January. If you don’tContinue reading “How to make your New Years Resolutions stick”

The Tradition of Champions: The Common thing that all Champions do

He fell to his knees and looked heaven-ward as his teammates sprinted out to congratulate each other in a heap of baseball players that resembled little kids. And in some ways they were little kids. Little kids that are blessed with the talent to play a game at such high levels that they receive millions ofContinue reading “The Tradition of Champions: The Common thing that all Champions do”