Our brokenness

Crying eye

“It is in our brokenness, that our greatest opportunities are revealed.”                                 Dan B. Allender Ph.D, Christian therapist, Author, Professor, and Speaker

Motivational Quote: Successful Hire


“You have the greatest success when you hire the right person – the one with the right character.” – Rob MacLeod, Master Sailor, Speaker, Trainer and Author of  the book From Landfalls to Legacies”

Motivational Quote: The Value of Challenge

“Challenge is one of the greatest human motivators.” -Jim Harris, Speaker/Author http://www.jimharris.com/

Motivational Quote: Unexpected Opportunities

“It’s in our brokenness that our greatest opportunities are reveiled.” – Dan Allender, Author – Bold Love http://thepathlesschosen.com/

What is the one tip you have learned that has made the greatest difference in the impact of your presentation?

Jennifer Kahnweiler, who is a “workplace guru” who speaks to leaders and aspiring leaders on how to strengthen their people skills. http://www.aboutyouinc.com/ posed this question on LinkedIn:

What is the one tip you have learned that has made the greatest difference in the impact of your presentation?

Great question!!!

Here is my response:

Hi Jennifer,

What was the one tip that made the greatest difference in the impact on my presentations was when I realized that it is not about me and what I was going to get out of the experience. Instead it was about what I was giving to the audience.

When I shifted my focus from what I am doing or saying to what the audience is receiving, everything changed.

I was less nervous and more effective.

Now, when I am developing new material, I customize  it with that audience in mind.

When I deliver my material I am more focused on the audience than myself. I look into their eyes and look for the “light bulbs” to come on.

Overall I view my presentations as a gift to the audience. A gift
that will hopefully, help make their business and life more successful.

I hope this helps.

Making a difference,

Richard Elmes CSP
The Sales Dating Guy