Mentally Transferring Ownership of Your Product


“If you can get your customer to see themselves doing or using whatever your product does you win big. The trick is they have to imagine themselves using your product.” – Kevin Hogan, Author of The Psychology of Persuasion

Motivational Quote: Will vs. Imagination

“When the will comes in conflict with the imagination, the imagination invariably carries the day.” – Emile Coue

How can these two concepts can change your life

You never know when a message will hit you between the eyes.

Today I visited my family at a birthday party for my neice, (Happy Birthday Sarah) and as I was entering the washroom of her house I noticed a sign on the counter.

It was one of those signs that look like they are made out of stone, but are not solid, like stone.

And as I read the sign it really made me think. And we all know that is the place where most of the thinking happens.

The sign read:

“Dream like you will live forever, and Live like you will die tomorrow. “

As I sat there I thought, wow what a powerful concept.

Just imagine if you could live forever… what would you dream for?

Imagine if you could live forever… how would the mental road blocks fall away?

You could plant seeds today, knowing that you will be reaping the fruits tomorrow.

Now think about how your life would be different if you knew that you would die tomorrow.

Do you think you would live more strategically… more urgently.

Think about all the things you would need to do and the things that you would avoid doing.

These are 2 powerful concepts that if applied, could dramatically change your life. Make it richer. Make it more fulfilling.

So what are you waiting for: Dream as if you will live forever, and live like you will die tomorrow.

The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Husbands – Habit #2: Burn the Boats

What do I mean by Burn the Boats?

I read a story a few years back about a group of ancient Greek warriors who were famous for their bravery and unshakable commitment to victory. As I read the story further, I soon discovered why?

After the warriors were off-loaded onto their enemy’s shore, their commanders would shout out, “Burn the Boats!”

Can you imagine what would be going through your mind at that moment, if you were one of those warriors watching your only option for retreat being torched in front of your eyes? As the boats slowly turned to ash and quietly sank into the water, you would know that there was no turning back and the only way home was through victory.

So what does this mean for your marriage?

It means that when you take your vows seriously you make a commitment to succeed. And by eliminating all of your other options you will be able to endure even the most challenging times and your wife will know that you will be there for her… no matter what.

So remember Habit #2 and Burn your Boats.

Check back next time to discover what habit # 3 is.