How to become more Attractive to Your Customers

At first glance, being consistent may not sound like something that would help make you sexier to your ideal customers, but it counts more that we often realize.

On the other hand, if you want to drive your customer crazy and lose their business in the process than just follow the following formula:

Go to the ends of the earth to satisfy your customers needs one day and then totally ignore them the next.

This lack of consistency if extreemly frustrating to your customers who are counting on you to come through for them. They have production schedules and delivery deadlines to meet, and if they can’t count on you to deliver on their expectations, you will lose the trust you built up in the sales process. In turn they will seek out a more consistent, more sensible solution provider.

“Consistency = Trust and Trust = $$$” – Richard Elmes

When you consistently come through for them the level of trust in the relationship rises. And when the level of trust is increased, your customer will resist jumping ship to another competitor. Even when their offer appears more attractive on the service.


Because your customers will ask themselves the follow question, “Can I count on the new suppliers ability to come through for me and deliver on their promises, or will they let me down in my time of need?”

And the answer is “I don’t know.” That  fear of being let down is not very attractive to people who stand to lose a lot if that happens.

Some of the keys to bringing more consistency to your relationship is to:

  • Walk your Talk: Simply do what you say you will and deliver on your promises.
  • Don’t over Sell: Make sure your marketing materials and sales presentation are not over-promising on what you can deliver. Because if you over-promise and under-deliver, then you will have a frustrated (former) customer to deal with
  • Set realistic delivery times: Setting unrealistic delivery times is a recipe for failure.
  • Be congruent: Make sure your appearance and what you say are consistent with your message and with your customers. (ie. Don’t wear the 3-piece suit if you are selling to farmers

So, remember that if you are Consistent with your Customers than they will find that sexy and they will be more likely to be consistant (in placing orders) with you.