Inspirational Poem: The Reward is Within

This poem was written by the Memory Man, Bill Clennan who many also called the Dean of Canadian Professional Speakers. He would have turned 72 years old today (Jan. 16th, 2016), but unfortunately passed away over 5 years ago. This was the way he closed many of his speeches. Whether you are an athlete or not, this is a very powerful and inspirational message. Please enjoy and remember The Memory Man.


Hockey PracticeThe contest lasts for moments
Though the training’s taken years,
It wasn’t the winning alone that
Was worth the work and the tears
The applause will be forgotten
The prize will be misplaced
But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste
For in trying to win
You build a skill

You learn that winning
Depends on will
You never grow by how much you win
You only grow by how much you put in
So any new challenge
You’ve just begun
Put forth your best
And you’ve already won.

Bill Clennan, Canadian Motivational Speaker

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How to be a Winner…guaranteed!

This weekend is the big championship weekend for many of the baseball teams in my home town.

So, all the hard work they put in during practices, all the skills and lessons they learned during the regular season all come down to the performance this weekend. And especially today, Championship day.

But I encourage all the competitors, coaches and fans to remember one more lesson.

That lesson is one that may be remembered more and have a bigger impact than most.

More than how to hit a curve ball, more than  how to turn a double play, and more than stealing a base.

This lesson is one that if it is not heeded, it can suck the fun out of and steal the joy out of the game.

The lesson is, that no matter what the final score ends up being is it vital to act with class.


If a player on the other team makes a great play on a ball you hit. Don’t get mad. Instead tip your cap.

If, in your opinion an umpire misses a call, don’t run out screaming like a mad man. Instead ask questions respectfully and accept their decision.

And if the score is not in your favour at the end of the game, shake hands and wish the other team well in the future games.




But just as important is to WIN with CLASS.

When you respect your teammates, your coaches, your opponents and the officials, you are winning with class.

When you refrain from trash talking and putting others down, you win with class.

And when you avoid running up the score or taking the extra base  late in a game where you have a huge lead, you are winning with class.

The key fact is this. A couple years down the road most people won’t remember the score of the game.
What they will remember is the friends they meet and the lessons they learn.

And if the lesson you demonstrate is to WIN with CLASS, LOSE with CLASS, then regardless of the score of the game, you will be a winner…guaranteed!


How to get your customers to buy your business cards

Imagine having thousands of your happy customers proudly putting their good money down to buy your business cards.

What do you think all those raving fans marketing your business would do for your business?

Hi, it’s Richard again, and the reason that I haven’t blogged in over a week is that my family and I just returned home from our vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We went for the fun, excitement and memories. Which we received many.

But I also came back with an arm-full of great business tips that I learned on my vacation. I know according to my Merriam-Webster Dictionary, vacation means, “a period of rest from work”, but in my line of work I find it very difficult to shut it down (my observation and curiosity radar). Especially when I was experiencing some fantastic examples of how to “Wow” customers. 

So here is the first one:

In the beginning of this blog I started talking about having thousands of your raving fan customers buying your business cards. Well that is exactly what happens every day at Walt Disney World. In fact, when their “Guests” (Disney’s term for customers) purchase T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Shorts, Towels, Golf Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Ears (Mickey Mouse or others), Jewelery, stuffed characters, cookware, key chains, etc. with one or more of the Disney characters or logos on it, you are indeed purchasing one of their business cards.

And not only did  purchase them for ourselves, but we also decided to buy gift “business cards” for our friends and family that couldn’t join us on our adventure.

And since we had such a fantastic time with lots of stories to tell about our experience, we have become good will ambassadors for Disney (which is another way of saying unpaid salespeople).

Imagine what this kind of marketing would do for your business?

Now I am not saying that you have to stop what you are doing and get into the theme park business (which is only part of the Walt Disney Company’s business), in order to get people to buy your business cards.

What I am saying is that in order for you to develop Raving Fans, you need to:

1) Develop an exceptional customer experience: This way they will want to share their story with others.

2) Create vehicle for them to use in order tell their story: One of Disney’s vehicles for this is through merchandise, yours could be through corporate videos, books, referral programs or packaging of your products to name a few ideas.

But make sure you can deliver on #1 before you set up #2, otherwise the story your customers will be telling will not be the story you want them to tell.

So, there you have it the first business tip that I witnessed in my trip to Walt Disney World. (Hey does this mean that I can now write off the cost of this vacation as a business trip?) Stay tuned because I have a lot more to come.