2017 World Series Champions

One Small Step toward your dreams is really one giant leap toward your destiny. -Richard Elmes, The Sales Dating Guy

Motivational Quote: Don’t stop

“Life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop.” – Claude Pepper, American Politician

Your values

“Your values are what you will or will not do in order to get what you want and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror and like who you see.” – Richard Elmes

The Benefits of External Focus in Business

“If you focus on solving your customer’s needs first, they tend to help meet (or exceed) your needs.” – Richard Elmes

Challenging Times make you Stronger

This quote is dedicated to the good folks that worked at The Guelph Mercury, one of my local newspapers, that is stopping production on Friday January 29th, 2016. Especially Tony Saxon, one of my favorite reporters that was the beat writer who covered the Guelph Storm OHL hockey club. Thanks Tony. “Good Timber does notContinue reading “Challenging Times make you Stronger”

Motivational Quote: Suspicion

“You can’t go through life and assume people are not trustworthy. I find if you are straight forward with people. most people reciprocate.” –Frank Hasenfratz, Founder, Linamar Corporation

Motivational Quote: Connecting with others

“There’s an order and a process to connecting with others: First you establish trust with the basic instincts, then you establish rapport with the personality. What results is a relationship, and with every relationship holds almost infinite possibilities.” –Nicholas Boothman, Author of How to Connect in Business in 90 seconds or Less and several otherContinue reading “Motivational Quote: Connecting with others”

Motivational Quote: Future Vision

“If you cannot see and do not believe it will not be.” – Jamie Pritchard, Facilitator, Magnetic Lighthouse podcast, Spiritual Coach

Motivational Quote: First step

One small step toward your dreams is really one Giant leap toward your destiny.” -Richard Elmes

Motivational Quote: Continuous Improvement

“Be better than you were Yesterday, but not as good as you will be Tomorrow.” – Richard Elmes