How to Lead via their Ego

It amazes me how much our ego plays in our day to day decisions.

One tip on leading people is to look for the win for them personally if they act the way we want them to act.

The reality is that your employees will only act the way you want to act while you are watching, if the only reason you give them for acting that way is, “Because I say so.”

However, if they see how it will make their life easier, reduce personal stress or make them more money, by acting the way you want them to, then their will be no need to police them. They will simply act that way because it will produce personal benefits for them.

Educate them on those benefits and they will be motivated to act that way, whether you are watching or not.

This is how you get them to do what you want to do, because they (and their ego) want to do it.

The Secret to Sales Success: It’s not about you!!!

He rolled his eyes and thought, “Here we go again.” And as the salesperson droned on and on about his company’s history and about how great his products are.

Here is a tip for all salespeople (and we are all salespeople, selling something) that will dramatically increase your chances of making the sale.

“It’s not about you.”

Your customer doesn’t care whether you have the best product on the market with the most wizbangs and doo hickeys (both technical terms). And they could care less that your company has been in business for 80 gazillion years and that your founder started the company out of dirt and determination.

But what your customer does care about is how those wizbangs and doo hickeys are going to help him do his job better, easier, more efficient and effective.

In short, “Your customer’s don’t care about you or your products, unless you can convey to them how it will help their company and them personally.”

So next time you are in front of a customer and are tempted to spew all kinds of features and company history on them. STOP!!!

Stop and think of how they will benefit from what you have to offer and speak to them in that kind of language. Because that kind of language is music to their ears and will lead to dollars in your pocket.

What motivates Sales Reps?

Sales Managers spend countless hours trying to figure out what motivates their Sales Staff.

Recently I answered the following question on LindedIn:

What motivates sales professionals?

If you boil what motivates anyone to take action (not just sales professionals) you get one of two answers.

Avoiding Pain or Gaining Pleasure.

So the key for managers is to identify what is painful or pleasurable for each individual.

This will depend on a number of factors such as their personality style, age (or position in life), cultural background and personal goals.

This is a lot of figure out, but luckily there is a short cut.

The short cut is having a conversation with your employee and simply asking them a couple questions.

“What does success look like for you?” and “Describe for me what your perfect day would look like?”

Their answers to these questions will tell you a lot about what motivates them personally.

Armed with this knowledge, a leader can adjust how they work with their employee in order to achieve successful outcomes.