Motivational Quote: Perspective in the middle of a challenge

This has been a rough day!!!

Today I heard about a relative who was recently diagnose with Colin Cancer, two friends whose marriages are breaking down, a friend whose husband tried to commit suicide, a friend whose mother-in-law passed away.

So this quote is dedicated to all of them.

“The place which may seem like an end may only be the beginning.” – Author Unknown

If you are reading this please say a prayer for my friends. (God knows who you are talking about)

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Setting the tone for your day

Whether you wake up saying “Good Morning God”, or “Good God, morning” will likely set the tone for the rest of yours (and the people around you) day.

Your attitude in the morning creates the filter in which you see the world. If you wake up grumpy you will likely have a challenging day. Wake up happy and you will find your day will go much smoother.

The cool thing is the choice is yours.

Choose Wisely.