Motivational Quote: Attitude

“The People who turn out best are those who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden (Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach)

Who are your competitors? Really!

I found myself smiling when I got off the phone.

Today, I was booking a trip from Toronto to Ottawa and in the process I had two different conversations.

The first one was with the clerk at the hotel I plan on staying at. The second was with the airline.

Now at first glance, these two companies don’t appear to be competitors. On the surface they may seem like two complementary companies, because just like me, many of their customers will be purchasing both of their services.

However, on this day they were competitors.


Because when your customers talk with your company, they don’t just compare your level of service with other companies in your industry. They compare your company with every other company or service provider they work with in their recent memory.

On many days, the level of service that I received on my call with the hotel would have been viewed as being good. However, today they paled in comparison to the level of service and energy that I received from the airline who shall remain WestJet.

The WestJet clerk was not only effecient at what she did, but she was effective in how she performed her duties.

And that is why I was smiling when I got off the phone.

How Leaders Strengthen Relationships

It hit me straight between the eyes, and I was blurry-eyed to begin with.

One of my morning rituals is to read for a few minutes before I get ready to the day. I do this in order to jump-start my brain. One of the books that I am reading right now is titled: Leadership Promises for Every Day by John C. Maxwell.

It is a daily devotional on Leadership. Here is a brief section of today’s message:

A leader can’t connect with people only when he/she is communicating among groups; he/she must connect with individuals.

The stronger the relationship and connection between individuals, the more likely the follower will help the leader.

Successful leaders always initiate; they take the first step and make the effort to continue building relationships.

Connecting with people isn’t complicated, but it takes effort.

Your people are more willing to take action when you first move them with emotion. When you give first, your people will give in return. When you connect with individuals, you gain the attention of crowds. When you reach out to your people, they will reach back toward you.

Whether you have just taken over a leadership position or are well established, you must connect with your people if you are to succeed.


Well said, just one more thought on this subject:

“Remember we do business people to people, not business to business.” – Richard Elmes

When giving a Presentation, what is the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience?

In a recent LinkedIn post Ritzya Mitchell, The “Drama” queen at¬†asked:

When giving a Presentation, what is the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience?

Here is my response:


Hi Ritzya,

I believe the biggest obstacle to connecting with your audience is focusing on you rather than the audience.

Focusing on what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, and how you are going to look as a result of saying it, rather than what impact your message will have on your audience.

When I stopped worrying about me and started focusing on my audience, I found that I could relax more and then really connect with my audience.

The next biggest obstacle is not making enough meaningful eye contact with your audience members. And by meaningful eye contact, I am talking about looking at and talking directly to one audience member for a sentence or two and then moving on to another audience member. Not the quick side to side scan (that makes your head look like a typewriter) or the looking over people’s heads.

Look people in the eye and care about how your gift (message) is going to impact them and you will have no trouble connecting with your audience.

I hope this helps.

Making a difference,
Richard Elmes CSP
The Sales Dating Guy