World Series Game 7: Astros vs. Dodgers

This video captures the feeling that athletes feel when going into a do or die situation just like Game 7 of the MLB World Series between the Houston Astros and LA Dodgers.

How Sales is JUST Like Dating!

Sales is like dating. It’s a chase. It’s an intricate dance. Sales, like dating, takes finesse and an instinct to know when your customer is into you or not. The first sales call is like a first date. There is excitement and fear of failure or screwing up. Extra preparation takes place. A little moreContinue reading “How Sales is JUST Like Dating!”

How to be a Winner…guaranteed!

This weekend is the big championship weekend for many of the baseball teams in my home town. So, all the hard work they put in during practices, all the skills and lessons they learned during the regular season all come down to the performance this weekend. And especially today, Championship day. But I encourage allContinue reading “How to be a Winner…guaranteed!”

The First Step to Success in Business and in Life

I have noticed a continuing trend in business that continues to bother me. It frustrates me because I believe it is one of the main reasons business fail. It frustrates me because it is costing companies and organizations thousands of hours of heart ache. And it frustrates me because it is costing companies millions ofContinue reading “The First Step to Success in Business and in Life”

Motivational Quote: Failure

Failure is only fertilizer for future success.” – Rick Pitino, Legendary Basketball Coach, Author

Dating and Sales – It’s not that different

I think we have another convert to the Sales Dating philosophy. Here is an article by Greta Schulz.  Greta Schulz is the President of Proactive Training. Dating and Sales – It’s Not That Different Remember when you were dating, and you went out with someone for the first time? For example, let’s say you’re femaleContinue reading “Dating and Sales – It’s not that different”

Oprah’s Big Secret

“The Big Secret in life is there is not secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” -Oprah Winfrey

The Secret to Sales Success: It’s not about you!!!

He rolled his eyes and thought, “Here we go again.” And as the salesperson droned on and on about his company’s history and about how great his products are. Here is a tip for all salespeople (and we are all salespeople, selling something) that will dramatically increase your chances of making the sale. “It’s notContinue reading “The Secret to Sales Success: It’s not about you!!!”

The Dark Sucker Theory – Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about a little known theory that can change the way you look at things. This theory is called: The Dark Sucker Theory Here is the rest of the theory: Dark has mass. When it goes into a Dark Sucker, friction from the mass generates hear. Thus it is notContinue reading “The Dark Sucker Theory – Part 2”

Profits vs. People: The Key to Reducing Employee Turnover

After writing the post titled: The Key to Reducing Employee Turnover I found this quote from Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, one of the largest and most successful direct selling organizations in the world: “Of course I’m concerned about profits and losses. I just don’t give them top priority. If youContinue reading “Profits vs. People: The Key to Reducing Employee Turnover”