How to avoid death by Powerpoint

How to avoid death by Powerpoint by David JP Phillips

Starting your talk with a startling statistic – 3 examples [Video]

I found the follow post that was written by Craig Hadden,  an instructional designer (training developer) living in Sydney (Australia). You’ve likely heard it said that opening your talk with a startling statistic helps to grab people’s attention. But what exactly does that technique look and sound like? In this post, you’ll see 3 clearContinue reading “Starting your talk with a startling statistic – 3 examples [Video]”

How to Magically Connect with Anyone

Magician Brian Miller fantastically how to Connect with Anyone “Life is about connecting. Connecting is about taking on other points of view. You see our world is a shared experience, fractured by individual perspectives. Imagine if we could all feel understood.” – Brian Miller, Magician